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Dr. Cesar Quintana

Owner of Vida Chiropractic

Dr. Cesar is a passionate advocate for the creation of strong and healthy communities. He believes that community is not just a collection of individuals but a collective effort to foster well-being and productivity among its members. With a deep commitment to serving his community, Dr. Quintana offers chiropractic health and wellness services to the residents of Las Vegas, NV. His mission is to contribute to the betterment of society by helping individuals lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Hanna Olivas

CEO and Co-Founder of She Rises Studios

Author, Speaker, and Founder. Hanna was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has paved her way to becoming one of the most influential women of 2024. Hanna is the co-founder of She Rises Studios and the founder of the Brave & Beautiful Blood Cancer Foundation. Her journey started in 2017 when she was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. Now more than ever her focus is to empower other women to become leaders because The Future is Female.


Adriana Luna Carlos

CEO and Co-Founder of She Rises Studios

Adriana Luna Carlos is one of the founders and CEOs of She Rises Studios, a platform dedicated to empowering women and fostering diversity. With a background in general business and a passion for digital media and business trends, she founded her own company at the age of 18, specializing in digital media, graphics, and website design.Adriana is a driving force behind the Becoming An Unstoppable Woman (BAUW) movement, which includes a book series and magazine. She's authored a guide on achieving an Unstoppable Mindset, empowering women to overcome insecurities and become leaders.Recognized for her contributions, Adriana has been featured in media outlets like Spotlight New Jersey News 12, ENSPIRE Magazine, and Tap In Magazine. Beyond her work, she's an avid researcher of digital trends and a documentary enthusiast.Adriana combines her entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to diversity and community building, redefining women's roles in literature and leadership through her projects.


Paula Echeverri

NeuroMomCEO & CEO of SynapFitness

In the prime of her Silicon Valley career, Paula Echeverri, set to launch a startup, faced a curveball when her second daughter’s birth coincided with a sudden loss of hearing. Undeterred, she detailed her journey in the best-selling book "Emerge," emphasizing life's lessons as awakenings rather than setbacks. Paula's resilience, evident through deafness and mental health struggles, highlights challenges as catalysts for transformation, aligning with insights from neuroscientists. Her path toward empowerment involved self-discovery and delving into neuroscience for holistic healing. Overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, Paula advocates understanding the root causes of mental illness. As a speaker and author of "Emerge with Self Love," her fourth book co-written with 12 collaborators, she now guides clients through sessions in her Neurofit program, sharing her transformative knowledge


Cheryl Field MSN, RN

Cheryl Field has 30+ years experience in nursing, specializing in rehabilitation in the post-acute area with a focus on analytics, compliance, quality, and reimbursement. Cheryl has served a variety of roles, including clinical director, VP of Healthcare, Chief Product Officer and most recently as Group Product Leader. Cheryl has spoken at state and national conventions over 25 years on a variety of healthcare care industry topics. She makes learning complex systems easy with simple analogies, relevant and often personal stories to maximize audience engagement. Cheryl is certified in Rehabilitation Nursing, and recently achieved certification in machine learning and artificial intelligence from MIT. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from the University of Rochester and a Master's of Science in Nursing from Boston

College. Cheryl has been married over 30 years to her 3rd grade sweetheart Ted, and has three children Michael, Rebecca and Jennifer.


Cindy Witteman

I'm Cindy Witteman, a San Antonio-based Business Owner, 3x Best Selling Author, and Host of "Little Give" TV Show and "Is Manifesting Bullshit?" Podcast. I'm also an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Beekeeper, and Founder/CEO of Driving Single Parents Inc. As a former single parent and proud stepmom with a total of 6 kids and 3 grandkids, I'm passionate about helping single parents regain independence. In 2017, I founded the 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Driving Single Parents Inc., which recently celebrated its 6th anniversary. Our team has changed the lives of multiple single parent families by providing reliable vehicles at no cost, empowering them to overcome challenges. Visit to learn more or check out for stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help others on the "Little Give" TV Show.

Owner of CF Views LLC


Marissa Warren

Marissa, a hypnotherapist and transformational consultant, utilizes RTT, QHHT, and other modalities for personal healing and transformation. As a keynote speaker and author, she guides clients to break free from limitations, live authentically, and align with their soul's purpose. Specializing in inner freedom and lasting changes, Marissa empowers individuals to elevate their lives and embrace their uniqueness. Her motto, "Inspire – Success – Elevate," reflects her commitment to providing expert advice and motivation for personal and professional success.

Speaker, Author and Hypnotherapist & Transformational Consultant

Heather stokes.HEIC

Heather Stokes

I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and legacy builder. Being a producer, and not a follower comes with challenges, but how you overcome adversities and thrive in chaos, to define your success. I help entrepreneurs, Momprenuers and kidprenuers go from surviving to managing and thriving. Through education, business, life, experience, and leadership. I developed the skills that are needed to not only find your success the success for your family so, come along with me and my daughters as we show other families, how they can go from survival mode to thriving and success why wait be amazing! In 2024 we will start sharing our experiences as authors and speakers on our podcast, TV show and offer support to others as we give back and pay it forward!

Founder of Financial GPS Mama


Hadley and Haylyn Benton

Author and Hosts on FENIX TV

Hadley and Haylyn Benton, ages 6 and 12 respectively, are not your typical kids. With a passion for creativity and a love for the arts, these sisters have broken barriers and achieved remarkable milestones at a young age. Hadley, the youngest ballerina to grace the Nutcracker stage with Next Generation Ballet, and Haylyn, a seasoned performer with leading roles in three ongoing shows and a member of the Entertainment Revue performance team, embody the essence of youthful talent and dedication.


Julianne Williams

Author, Speaker, FENIX TV Host, “Step Into Your LIfe”

Julianne, born with a congenital heart defect, overcame early health challenges to defy medical advice, running half-marathons and raising two children. Balancing a career in skilled nursing, she rose to become President of the nation's second-largest provider. After selling the company, Julianne co-founded and sold her own in 2022. Passionate about writing and speaking, she earned a Grief Education certification and hosts "Step Into Your Life" on FENIX TV. Julianne is a dedicated mother to young adults in medical and winemaking careers, actively involved in healthcare associations, youth baseball, Girl Scouts, and community service through her church and the Armenian Relief Society.


Trish Collyer

As a breakthrough coach and founder of Redesigning Possible, Trish empowers high-achieving professionals to reclaim control and live life on their terms. Once a passenger in her own life, she mastered essential skills in leadership, communication, behavior change, hypnosis, and holistic health. Now, Trish guides individuals through her transformative programs, helping them identify and overcome obstacles, make small changes, and leave behind feelings of overwhelm and stagnation for good.

Owner of Redesigning Possible


Niki Rakowitz

Niki Rakowitz, owner of CARE Travel, brings over 20 years of expertise to create transformative travel experiences. As a certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) and Travel Counselor (CTC), Niki goes beyond pampering, focusing on crafting unforgettable moments. Her excellence is recognized with awards like Caribbean Wedding Industry Awards Travel Agent of the Year. Niki extends her impact by empowering women in business, sharing her entrepreneurial journey and guiding mentees to surpass their dreams. Through CARE Travel, she redefines luxury as an experience that changes lives.

Owner of CARE Travel


Shakti Rios

Shakti Rios, a certified Human Design Analyst and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, draws on 14 years of entrepreneurial experience in healing and spiritual growth. Guiding individuals towards cosmic alignment with their purpose, she empowers them to embrace their unique path and unlock their true potential. Shakti's transformative approach combines Human Design and EFT to liberate clients from mental and emotional limitations, paving the way for authentic success. She believes in unlocking the inherent genius in everyone and is dedicated to fostering a world where fulfilled and empowered individuals radiate their true brilliance.

Founder of PHNX Legacy


Gunilla Larrson

Swedish with 6 kids, 1 in San Diego and the rest in Sweden. Formerly ran a real estate company in Sweden for 20 years. Teacher in Vedic art, yoga studio owner, and trained in mediumship, healing, meditation, Access Bars, and Emotion Code. Law of attraction coach. Lived more in France since 2014 after winning a prize in Monaco in 2012. Started coaching in 2020, hosting multidimensional art shows, printing art on clothes, creating perfumes, and oracle cards from paintings. Communicating with Christ consciousness since 2015, receiving messages and exercises.

Law Of Attraction Coach

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